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released December 31, 2013



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Heavy Justice Los Angeles, California

Heavy Justice re-emerged in 2010 as a throw back to a smash mouth style of Metal, bringing heavy music back to its prominence with their own brand of beastly power, hook melodies, and exciting live shows. The End is Here as the past comes raging back to haunt you, first with their full length studio album "Apocalyze" in 2013 and again with their second full length studio album And So We Fall... ... more

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Track Name: Apocalyze
Dead Man's Fantasy
You've never seen it before
Living Man's Nightmare
Paralyzed to the core

Exterminating us all

Obliviating it all

This is all that's left
Take your final breath from the kiss of death
Love you I'll never
I'll haunt you forever
Suffer and Apocalyze

Dead Man's Fantasy
You've never seen it before
Its just a matter of time
till you're all alone
Track Name: Iron Hand
Smash the clock - a freedom from age
A way of life - a character's stage
Taken home to your family
A chilling crash into reality

To and fro through the mindless zone
in a boring world that you don't know
The secrecy that shackles your door
The Iron Hand is what lies in store

You're gonna do what I say and as I do
And I'll smash the clock cause time's nothing to you
I won't kiss your feet but I'll reap your stone
Brace and grind your teeth cause soon you'll be alone

Take a look at your life; sad when it seems
smaller than the small
Its just a matter of time; a matter of crime
when the Iron Hand kills all

Revolution - a serious game
Inquisition - the hand to blame
Continue on down this endless road
as life itself begins to corrode

Chauvinistic - unbiased fate
The Iron Hand - a winless debate
Hear the beating of a heavy heart
for once it ends there is never a start

Take a look at your life; sad when it seems
all your heroes fall
Its just a matter of time; a matter of crime
then the Iron Hand kills

A new revelation and just a slip of the hand
A king's intuition and a feeling of power...
Just a word or two and nothing's what it seems
So take a deep breath, close your eyes, and dream...
Track Name: When We Were Gods
I hope you hear the beating of my heart in your hand
When you tore it from my chest and left me for dead

You don't know me (you could have walked away)
You don't know me (you wanted to cause me pain)
Though you crave me (that's not enough for you)
Won't you save me? (or the devil inside you too)

We cannot go back where we belong
Can you hear the angels singing our song?
Cause they know we cannot go back
to the time when we were gods

I hope you feel the bleeding from this knife in your back
I would have eaten the demon that's burning your heart black

You don't know me (I could have walked away)
You don't know me (God knows I tried to stay)
Though you crave me (we should have seen this through)
Won't you save me? (but the Devil's inside me too)

I've seen the angels fall from grace
and disappear without a trace
but leave behind a trail of pain
to find their way back here again
and so I'm dying still from this angel that kills
Track Name: I'm Home
Help me, I just want to go home
Save me from the pain left inside

I don't know what to say
I don't know what to do
All I know is that life is slowly passing me by

Oh, I can see it in the distance
And I can see it in my dreams
Yea, I can feel every tear drip down
And I can feel my hope running out

And my tears they will fall
And my fear they're calling me

I remember my life
I remember it die
I remember I cried to my mother "Please take me home!"

Footsteps crossing my cell
to the one next to mine
One "CRACK!", one fall now I know...
Yea, I know that I'm home for good

There is no hope for me, oh no, please help me!

Heaven looks down
Won't take my part
Heaven looks down
Hell is my home now

Chain me up to watch it come
Sight is stolen by the sun
No shine left to light the view
Won't we ever see this through?

Chain me up to watch it come
Sight is stolen by the sun
No shine left to light the view
Lonely I must see this through

help me, now I know I am home
Track Name: Cry Havoc
Enter in the last - bleeding out so fast
Keeps on coming this way
Never had a chance - never caught a glance
Blindly into the fray

And this brings you down to size
As this covers your disguise
Never saw this coming anyway - coming everyway

Now I will break you
Now I will cry 'Havoc!'

Darkened is the dawn, day and night is gone
Forever out of control
Something's drawing near, gripping is the fear
deeper down in the hole

And this brings you down to size
As you begin to realize
Never saw this coming anyway - coming every way

Crushing to the ground - heavy weighing down
Life is leaving the eye
Nowhere left to run - nowhere is the sun
Time to say your goodbyes

And this brings you down to size
As this begins your demise
Never truely living anyway - dying everyway
Track Name: GoldDigger
Yea, and it can be seen now
And no one's gonna show you how
to take the fame that holds you dear
the glittered end is creeping near

Yea, and you can feel no more
Greed has put you on the floor
leaving you without a name
and no one else that you can blame

Dig! Dig! Dig! GoldDigger!

So take the fame that made you whole
Grieving lives you have stole
But they'll add to your massive gain
and lock away inside your brain

Do you miss the world before?
Can't you see there's so much more?
Everything that you need
This gold now makes you bleed

So take the fame that made you whole
grieving lives that you have stole
I don't feel sorry for a heart so cold
But what does it matter to the touch of gold

Touch of gold!
Track Name: Acts of Savior
Keep on hounding me for the way I live
But I'll make sure its your life you give
Falling to the brink of another strife
Howling at the moon from night to light

Undermining the government
Picking off angels; heaven sent
without remorse and no repent
Sitting on the world with a wrecking ball
Tipping over towers sure to fall
Hear the cries over heaven's wall

Finger on the trigger with a roll of the dice
"Brother, take cover" is the only advice
Try to dig down with a broken spade
Standing to fight in a winless crusade

No more games - end the tirade
So take the tank; I'll take the switchblade
Innocent child on the battlefield
Secrets hidden are soon revealed

Waking to the beat of a pounding of heart
Ending before it has the chance to start
Take the freedom it cannot allow
"Oh, please God, come save me now"
Track Name: Fear of All
Fear of what I cannot see
Fear of what is said to be
I lock the door; swallow the key
I never want to be free

Fear of what I cannot see
Fear of what is said to be
The truth is all I ever lied
The truth in death I will confide

Fear to live and fear to die
Fear the place that I may lie
I fear the goodness of the sky
I want to rise but afraid to fly

Fear of being left behind
Fear the future's deadly sign
I know I cannot run and hide
from fears that origin inside

So hang my wreath upon my grave
and I will come out from my cave
For I will know my time has come
And all my fearing will be done

So cold... so alone... so scared
So dark... so afraid... so aware
Track Name: Fuel into the Fire
What do you think you're gonna do
when the lights go out on you?
Friction tries to start the fuse
Go! Go! Go! Go!

Burn... I will not!
Burn... Cannot stop!
Burn... Still we rock!

Fire! Fire! Fire!
Fuel into the...
Fire! Fire Fire!
Fuel into my...
Fire! Fire! Fire!
Fuel into the...

Burn... Dynamite!
Burn... Night to light!
Burn... sparks ignite!